Attorneys Services in Cordoba Argentina

Commercial Law

We supply legal counseling in the drafting of different kinds of commercial contracts (representation, franchising, co-branding, terms and conditions, complex credit instruments, etc.).

The Law Firm Arrigoni gives advice to its commercial clients and to financial entities (Banks and Credit Card Entities) with national and international presence bank and financial operations, generally functioning as a legal support in different areas required by such an activity.

Corporate Law

As regards the corporate aspect the Law Firm Arrigoni gives advice and performs the proceeding for the constitution of commercial corporations (Public Limited Company and Limited Liability Company) before the Legal Entities Control Direction, as well as statute amendments, drafting of assembly and directory minutes, and drafting of derived contracts. We supply legal advice in corporative re-structuration. Likewise, we assume the defense and representation of managers and stockholders before corporative conflicts.

Consumer Rights

The Law Firm Arrigoni has active participation in the area of Consumer Rights in defense of our clients’ interests as regards both administrative claims and court ones. Likewise we give preventive legal advice as regards contracts that may derive in a consumption relationship.

Labor Law

The Law Firm Arrigoni advises its clients on all matters regarding labor law and social security.

Our objective is to give preventive advice in order to avoid possible suits and to optimize results. We give legal counseling in the definition of human resource policies.

Intellectual Property (Trademarks and Patents)

The Law Firm Arrigoni gives integral legal advice, management, proceeding and defense of trademarks and patents both at a national and an international level.

The Law Firm service includes the permanent custody of your trademark for the whole life term in order to avoid the registration of identical or similar trademarks by third parties.

We have a wide experience in law suits in the representation of our clients both in the City of Cordoba and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

We give legal advice for licensing and franchising the trademark rights.

Debt Collection Management

Extrajudicial Debt Collection

The Law Firm Arrigoni has the experience and the technology to perform the massive management of accounts in default. The Law Firm has an specific area destined to the extrajudicial debt collection including, for such a purpose, the most advanced technology and trained human resource personnel thus guaranteeing high contact capability and debt retrieval rates in favor of our clients.

An integral treatment is supplied to each assigned portfolio as well as a constant follow up through systems or our own designed for such a purpose.

Judicial Debt Collection

We have a wide trajectory and experience in the management of judicial files for debt collection. We have lawyers and personnel trained for the investigation and search for files, which is reflected in high debt collection rates.